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Fossil Fuel is “Green Energy” - Principia Scientific International

Fossil Fuel is “Green Energy” - Principia Scientific International
"We have today one of the most astonishing examples of a regression in scientific education.
It used to be common knowledge and taught in schools at all levels that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a vital, airborne plant food, but it is currently being condemned as being a “pollutant” because many people have come to believe, due to a massive disinformation campaign, that higher levels of this plant food would be harmful to the biosphere.
So pervasive, so effective is this ongoing disinformation campaign that it is now considered by many to be a moral imperative for humanity to abandon the use of its primary source of energy—burning hydrocarbons—because doing so produces CO2.
Let me say that again.
So pervasive, so effective has been the campaign that has demonized CO2—the gas that feeds the biosphere—that it is now generally accepted that humanity has a moral obligation to limit its production of it, even if doing so would cause a profound regression in global economic development!
They say that they have “science” on their side but do they?
Let’s review what science “knows” and what it doesn’t.
Science knows that plants using the energy present in sunlight through a process called photosynthesis combine carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) to form carbohydrates (CH2O) and expel free oxygen (O2)—the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe.
What does the word “carbohydrate” mean?
Carbo – refers to carbon
Hydrate – refers to water
The chemical formula is well known and is often taught in elementary or middle school.
CO2 + H2O + photons → [CH2O] + O2

This is a chart of what science knows about historic, optimal and current levels of atmospheric CO2 in parts per million. 
The dark green line at 4,000 ppm is where the CO2 level have been in the Earth’s distant past when plant growth was much more robust and dense forests covered much of the Earth’s surface.
The light green line at 1200 ppm is where the CO2 level needs to be for optimal plant growth.
The bottom yellow line at 400 ppm is the current atmospheric concentration of CO2.
True scientific knowledge is based on empirical experimentation and extensive scientific experimentation has demonstrated that ~1200 ppm is the optimal CO2 level for robust plant growth. So well-established is this knowledge that owners of greenhouses spend a lot of money pumping CO2 into their greenhouses to achieve CO2 concentrations in excess of 1000 ppm in order to augment the rate at which they can grow their produce. 
 Never the less for some odd reason many people have come to believe that it is a moral imperative to keep CO2 levels from returning to that level..."
Very important!
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