Friday, December 30, 2016

Gangster government and the unreported Operation Choke Point

Gangster government and the unreported Operation Choke Point
The "Renegade Republican" Dan Bongino can’t believe this story is being ignored.
Filling in for CR's editor in chief on "The Mark Levin Show," Bongino brought attention to a story from The Wall Street Journal about Operation Choke Point — the Obama-Lynch Justice Department’s scandalous, mafia-like extortion of businesses the Left loves to target.

“Operation Choke Point,” Bongino explained, “was the Obama administration’s effort to get banks to stop providing funding mechanisms and banking services to industries they didn’t like.”
What kind of industries? 
Ammo manufacturers and firearms companies, for example, are legal enterprises Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Department of (in)Justice stifled by cutting off their ability to access financial services.
“They weren’t talking about industries that were breaking the law,” Bongino clarified. 
“They were talking about industries they didn’t like.”
“You are using the monopolistic power of force!” said Bongino. 
How is that any different from a mob shakedown?
And have you heard anything about Operation Choke Point from the mainstream media?

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