Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hate Crime Hoaxes and False Claims of Victimhood

Hate Crime Hoaxes and False Claims of Victimhood:
" acknowledgement of the real fear of being a victim of an honor crime that may have been behind the false claims of a young Muslim girl who said she fabricated a hate crime hoax to cover up the fact that she had been drinking alcohol, had a Christian boyfriend and came home past her curfew, which would have enraged her conservative parents.
After it came out that she had made up the hate crime story, she says her parents forced her to shave her head and eyebrows.
Pictures of her in this state can been seen when she appeared in court accompanied by her father. )
Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman for CAIR, on the other hand, still plays the victimhood card when speaking for Muslims who have created hate-crime hoaxes.
He claims the stress of living in Trump-reality America is too much for some Muslims, carrying them to the brink of mental illness, which, in turn, causes them to fabricate hate crimes.
Hooper told ABC News that the Muslim community "is under great psychological stress and tension right now, and that that in itself can cause mental health issues that lead to these types of incidents..."

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