Friday, December 23, 2016

Hate hoaxes and fake news are separate issues united by mainstream media’s narrative agenda

Hate hoaxes and fake news are separate issues united by mainstream media’s narrative agenda – Da Tech Guy Blog:
"Hate is a real issue. 
Americans have plenty of it. 
They demonstrate it all the time. 
The difference between hate today and hate in the recent past is that it’s now manifesting in the form of hoaxes perpetrated mostly by the left. 
They don’t want to be seen as hateful, so they turn their own hate into “clever” ruses to paint the right as the “real “haters.
Fake news is a real issue. 
...Today, we’re seeing the two collide in spectacular fashion. 
They’ve always had a secondary relationship in that hoaxes would be perpetrated and the media would investigate and report if necessary, but the boundary that separated them has collapsed. 
Today, the media’s standard operating procedure is to report the hoax first, investigate (or maybe not) later.
Image result for fake hate newsWhy did this happen? 
Did the media become suddenly more gullible? 
This is willful. 
Ever since about a month and a half before the election, mainstream media started their “ready, fire, aim” stance on hate hoaxes because they realized they needed it to propagate their narrative agenda. 
They’ve learned two important things: falling for a hoax will not decrease ratings/readership, and they can source each other rather than investigate in order to justify their choices.
Here are four major hate hoaxes that have been reported in the last 24 hours:
In all four cases, there were reasons for the media to doubt the stories. In all four cases, the narrative of white and/or conservative and/or Trump-supporting and/or bigoted “people of privilege” persecuted and/or harassed and/or discriminated against some variation of minority. In all four cases, the hoax was reported before confirmed and later it was revealed by law enforcement or conservative media that we had all been duped..."

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