Thursday, December 22, 2016

History for December 22

History for December 22 -
Connie Mack 1862, Gene Rayburn (Rubessa) 1917, Steve Garvey 1948 - Baseball player

Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) 1949, Maurice Gibb (Bee Gees) 1949, Ralph Fiennes 1962, Ted Cruz 1970 - Politician from Texas

1775 - A Continental naval fleet was organized in the rebellious American colonies under the command of Ezek Hopkins.

1864 - During the American Civil War, Union Gen. William T. Sherman sent a message to U.S. President Lincoln from Georgia. The message read, "I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah."

1894 - French army officer Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial that triggered worldwide charges of anti-Semitism. Dreyfus was eventually vindicated.

1895 - German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen made the first X-ray, of his wife's hand.

1961 - James Davis became the first U.S. soldier to die in Vietnam, while U.S. involvement was still limited to the provision of military advisers.

1984 - New York City resident Bernhard Goetz shot four black youths on a Manhattan subway. Goetz claimed they were about to rob him.

1990 - Lech Walesa was sworn in as Poland's first popularly elected president.

1991 - The body of Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, an American hostage murdered by his captors, was found along a highway in Lebanon.

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