Thursday, December 29, 2016

How Many American Adults Are Transgender?

How Many American Adults Are Transgender? | Daily Wire:
"Only 0.53 percent of Americans, or 1.3 million people, identify as transgender, according to data from a 2014 federal survey originally published in the American Journal of Public Health.
In other words, an overwhelming majority of 99.47 percent of Americans do not identify as trans.
The survey, which reviewed a total of 151,000 adult respondents from 19 different states, did not specifically note those who've undergone some sort of physical "transition," but instead included anyone who "identities" as a gender different than their biology.
"Researchers say that 0.53 percent of respondents — about one in every 189 U.S. adults — answered 'yes' to the question, 'Do you consider yourself to be transgender?'" reports CBS News.
Still, the Obama Administration has gone into full panic mode over transgenderism.
For instance, an overreaching federal edict was issued forcing all public schools to allow their students the use the locker-rooms and bathrooms of their subjectively-declared gender, based on their feelings and not biology.
Schools which do not comply are threatened with revoked funding and lawsuits.
...As recent studies have indicated, a stunning 40 percent of trans folks have attempted suicide, relative to just 4.6 percent of the general population.
They also see an increase in homelessness and joblessness. "

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