Thursday, December 01, 2016

In USA, this would exterminate most democrats!-----Netherlands Now Euthanizes Alcoholics and the Mentally Ill

Netherlands Now Euthanizes Alcoholics and the Mentally Ill | The Resurgent:
"For years, pro-life activists have argued against the slippery slope of euthanasia.
Once mercy killings were normalized, it was argued, they would become more common and larger numbers of people would be killed. 
That argument would seem to be proven after 15 years of legal euthanasia in the Netherlands.
In 2002, the Netherlands legalized euthanasia for those with “unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement,” according to the Telegraph.
Since then, the country has expanded the right to die to more and more people including children and the mentally ill. 
According to a new report in Life News, euthanasia has even been approved for at least one “hopeless alcoholic.”
...The Life News account states that since he was physically and mentally ill, Mark met the minimum standard for death in the Netherlands.
“A woman doctor in a black dress and sneakers arrived to give him his lethal injection.
She confirmed his decision and then gave him three doses.
He died quickly.”
According to the Telegraph, Mark is not alone. Euthanasia for people with mental illness and dementia are increasing.
Euthanasia cases are up 75 percent in the past five years. 
Euthanasia for psychiatric reasons increased from 0.1 percent to one percent of the total.
Dementia cases increased from 0.8 percent to two percent.
There have been several euthanasia cases for people with chronic depression.
One euthanized patient was a sex abuse victim.
Another was a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome and personality disorder.
The last was the mother of a three-year-old child..."
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