Monday, December 05, 2016

Laughing At Liberals As They Lose Their Minds

Laughing At Liberals As They Lose Their Minds - Kurt Schlichter:
"I reached peak Twitter this week when I was sucked into a tweet battle with a liberal dwarf.
True story.
Donald Trump’s victory had the militant munchkin fuming.
I have to admit that I was a little short with her myself.
But I should be smiling – we conservatives should all be smiling – because everything is going our way.
For heaven’s sake, our next Secretary of Defense is going to be nicknamed “Mad Dog.” 
We just spent eight years being ruled by people who would prefer it be someone nicknamed “Hugs N’ Stuff.”
The liberals are truly going nuts, and it’s beautiful.
Image result for msnbc going nuts trumpThey recently resurrected Nancy Pelosi for another glorious term winnowing away the House Democrat caucus.
Pretty soon it’s just going to be her and some guy representing Berkeley who they recruited while he was shouting “Workers of the world unite!” at bored coeds on Telegraph Avenue.
You know, if you want to reach out to the kind of hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, normal Americans who voted for the black guy then allegedly refused to vote for the woman because they are racist, you totally want an ancient, rich, snooty, San Francisco leftist and Botox after-picture like the Nanster.
The only way you could further alienate these alienated voters is, I don’t know, making your DNC chairman some radical leftist, urban black Muslim who hates guns, loves Farrakhan and who parties with Middle Eastern scumbags who issue fatwas to kill those voters’ soldier sons and daughters.
...Yes, we are living in wonderful times. 
Democrats are out of power, the media has been neutered – hell, it could play Ken – and the liberal cultural institutions are talking themselves into ritual suicide.
Now, all I have to do to bring it full circle is to get back on Twitter and get caught up in a spat with a socialist gnome or some transitioning elf."

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