Sunday, December 04, 2016

Liberal Doesn't Know Difference of ILLEGAL and LEGAL Immigrants

Liberal Doesn't Know Difference of ILLEGAL and LEGAL Immigrants
"Our friend Lauren Southern tweeted this. 
A Trump-supporter tried debating a liberal (upset over a “Make America Great Again Hat”) over the differences between “immigrants” and “illegal immigrants.” 
Brace yourself for the LOLs. 
Wrap your ribs carefully.
Because the liberal wasn’t understanding the differences.
So she stole his hat…"
Trump supporter has his hat stolen after crazy chick can't differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants.
"It’s remarkable, because while older liberals lie, saying there’s no difference between illegal and legal immigration (even though they do know the difference), their Millennial padawans really don’t know the difference. 
Meaning the mind tricks Democrats have pulled? 
Totally worked. 
These are not the immigrants we’re talking about.
I weep for America sometimes. 
When I’m not laughing about how stupid some liberals are. 
Most liberals, I mean. 
Also, bet your MAGA hat that this dunderhead and all her dunderhead friends are voting. Seems the more obviously stupid, the more one is able to find a voting booth..." 

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