Thursday, December 15, 2016



The Extraction Process

By Tammy Derouin

I will be so glad when we can put all of this anti-American and general negativity behind us as a nation.  The apology tour should be coming to an end.  Although, Hollywood and other lime light personalities will probably attempt to keep the propaganda machine churning. I would have never imagined a time in our history where so many could have been swayed by so few, into thinking and believing that the United States of America is not the best country in the world.

The United States suffered a massive internal attack, but we survived.  We have a lot of damage to repair.  Our freedoms and liberties have been under attack for far too many years.  Sadly, the attacks came from inside our very own government.  The American spirit will never die.  The desire to live free and independent with as little government interference as possible will never end.  Evil has been identified and the extraction process has begun. 

There is a tremendous amount of rebuilding and repair ahead of us.  With so much conditioning that the government “must do” for the people, anything which is moved out of the hands of government control and back to the people, will be seen as some sort of attack; an attack on imaginary rights.  Our rights are clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution.  We are blessed to live in a land where restraining the government was so important to the founders that the words “shall not” appear several times in the U.S. Constitution.......  

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