Wednesday, December 21, 2016



Tool of Fairness

By Tammy Derouin

The race for the presidency of the United States is the American way of shifting power without battles or bloodshed. Our leaders do not rise up out of periodic revolutions.  They are elected by the people, in a republic.  Those who run agree to the election process.  The rules are the same as they have been for generations as set forth in the Constitution.

We teach our children good sportsmanship.  Accepting a loss with dignity builds character.  Nobody wants to lose, but it’s your behavior after the fact which sets the tone for future games and races.  We learn at a very early age that it’s not fun playing with cheaters and crybabies.  When someone is caught cheating, there’s a myriad of excuses which they attempt to turn on anyone but themselves.  Crybabies shift the blame to the process.  There must be something wrong within the system because they didn’t win.  Whichever tactic is launched, and if you’re really lucky you get hit with both, the blame game becomes the only game on the table.  The original, agreed upon rules are now called into question.

Changing a rule because it does not fit the desired political agenda at the moment is a very dangerous game to play.  Laws and rules which are put into place for the advancement of a party line can have dire consequences.  What suits you today may turn on you tomorrow.  Then there’s that pesky double standard.  If the tables were turned and the opposition was crying foul, would there be the same eagerness to change the rules?  No, they would cling to the rule book and defend it as a time-tested tool of fairness.

Instead of trashing a rule, such as the Electoral College, why not look at it closer and learn why it was put into place....... 

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