Thursday, December 08, 2016

McDonald's Hits Back at #FightFor15 Hard With Touching Ad Campaign

McDonald's Hits Back at #FightFor15 Hard With Touching Ad Campaign:
McDonald’s really does respond to #FightFor15 in the best way possible with their new spot, America’s Best First Job.
If you’ve been keeping up with the movement, you likely noticed a pattern among the activists. Leftists pushing a $15 minimum wage seem to have locked onto McDonald’s as their main target (see Minimum Wage Hikes Result in McDonalds Closing Doors. We Told You…).
Well, McDonald’s has an answer for whiny protesters.
And it’s awesome…
McDonald’s just McMelted the faces off of liberals worldwide.
The company made its point in a not so subtle way, sure, but they kept it positive.
Grilling meat byproduct and pink chicken ooze at McDonald’s isn’t meant to be a career, it’s supposed to be a stepping stone on your way to a grown up job.
The thing about minimum wage jobs is they require minimum skills.
McDonald’s gets it, you and I get it, even James Franco gets it.
The only ones not getting it?
Soppy leftist milquetoasts..."

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