Monday, December 19, 2016

No outrage from the media here-----Detroit's election woes: 782 more votes than voters

Detroit's election woes: 782 more votes than voters:
"Another 382 Detroiters were listed as voting but their ballots never showed up in the count.
Whether the result of machine malfunction, human error or even fraud, the unexplained voting discrepancies in Detroit last month were not sizable enough to affect the outcome in Michigan of the presidential election, according to a new Free Press analysis of voting precinct records.
In 248 precincts, there were a total of 782 more votes tabulated by voting machines than the number of voters listed as picking up ballots in the precincts’ poll books. 
...The Free Press analysis found there were 248 precincts in Detroit where voting machines tabulated more Election Day votes than people who were counted as checking in to vote.
The affected precincts represent 37% of the city's 662 precincts..."

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