Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rich Lowry: To Kill a Pipeline — Again

Rich Lowry: To Kill a Pipeline — Again — The Patriot Post:
"One of the Obama administration’s core competencies is suspending pipeline projects with no cause.
It will leave office with another notch in its belt, now that the Army Corps of Engineers has acted to block a final piece of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
The 1,200-mile pipeline is designed to move oil from North Dakota to Illinois and will have to await completion in a Trump administration with a more rational attitude toward pipelines specifically and fossil fuels generally.
...There is no real defense, though, against protesters staging cable-TV-ready disturbances against a project and making it a cause celebre.
For the overwhelming majority of its route, the Dakota Access pipeline requires no permitting, since it traverses private land.
It’s the tiny percent that would affect waterways that made it subject to federal approval, and thus to political hostage-taking.
For the left, Dakota Access is a symbol. 
In reality, it is simply a means of moving half a million barrels of crude oil a day from Point A to Point B, an activity that shouldn’t be considered dastardly or untoward. 
Fortunately for Dakota Access, and everyone else in the energy industry, help is on the way."

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