Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sorry, Not Sorry: Neither the Media Nor Their Owners are Going to Change

Sorry, Not Sorry: Neither the Media Nor Their Owners are Going to Change:
"...the “supreme religion of the U.S. press corps is reverence for power.” 
Their priesthood is a cabal of anonymous sources; their catechism is war everlasting. 
And so, the vulgar philistines on the plains, who foolishly prefer peaceful relations, steady work, and free healthcare to profiteering wars abroad, must be endlessly misled.
Don’t expect this to change...
Image result for the media liesMostly because 90 percent of the MSM is owned and operated by six conglomerates that have little interest in changing the system that profits them, or in changing the editorial narratives that support the system. 
And most probably, like Barack Obama and Madame Secretary, because the media believes Trump voters are “a basket of deplorables” that are too unfixably ignorant to understand why Hillary was the right choice.
...Yet now, pundits unironically tell us, we live in a post-factual era. 
...Then, fast forward to this fall, and witness the MSM spending the entirety of 2016 labeling all Trump supporters as white supremacist racist xenophobes clustered around their gun cabinets in landlocked flyover states. 
To be fair, they also spent a fair amount of time tediously whitewashing Hillary’s bloodbath in Benghazi so the liberal intelligentsia could reaffirm their sagacious tropes about the moral universe being “…not black and white, but shades of gray.”
...Both the EU and the U.S. efforts are transparent acts of attempted thought control. 
More than anything else, they tell us that if the press hasn’t learned its lesson, neither has the ruling class.
...For every unnamed source, we should attach a burden of proof. 
For every piece of patriotic jingoism, a Dickensian qualifier. 
And for every article of false faith, a bill of indictment."
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