Monday, December 19, 2016

The Video That Just May Sink Hillary's Ship... »

The Video That Just May Sink Hillary's Ship... » Louder With Crowder:
"...But this ad, is without a doubt, the most effective anti-campaign ad that I’ve ever seen.
And it shows Conservatives the blueprint on how to beat Hillary.
Attack the dishonesty.
I’ve been saying this for years.
Hillary Clinton is more than a slimy politician, she’s a compulsive liar.
She lies about big things, but more importantly, she lies about little things when she thinks that nobody’s watching. 
For no reason!
Ignore the “sexism” claims from the left, speak freely, and focus on this.
Watch below.
It’s a must."

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Me said...

OK, I watched it. Now I am permanently done with that bitch. I hope there is worse yet in her future than just losing an election.