Sunday, December 18, 2016

When morons have control of your "free money"-----Muskegon takes risk to revive downtown

Remember this "uplifting" story back in June, 2015?
Most Americans pay more in state and local taxes than in federal taxes.
Most of what affects your everyday life is determined by the decisions of local officials.
The feds do NOT provide your police, fire protection, courts, jails, water, sewer. 

Educate your children, maintain your roads, parks public buildings. 
Setting spending and taxes.
Here, in my community, is another example of citizens allowing (encouraging?) total idiots to waste money on personal quests.

This story 
had wide, glowing TV and newspaper coverage last year.
Not so much these days.

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Muskegon takes risk to revive downtown | Fox17:
"MUSKEGON, Mich.--  After waiting more than a decade for private investors, the city of Muskegon is now taking the fate of its downtown into its own hands.
They’re moving forward with a unique plan to revitalize and rebuild downtown despite the risks.
The city is stepping outside the box by buying up properties and land to develop homes and sell them. They purchased a plot of land south of downtown by 4th and Houston.
They built nine houses that they are planning to sell for $160,000-$180,000.
“I think people have been expecting us to have some sort of leadership in moving the city forward,” said the City Manager Frank Peterson.
Peterson said they are sick of waiting around for the private sector to invest, so they are taking matters into their own hands..."
And who did the city buy the properties from?
And what did they pay the owners?
This is now.
Only one of the nine currently occupied. 
Sold? Rented? City quiet on that.
8 of 9 still "for sale":

The city loved publicity a few months ago:


Unknown said...

I agree 100%! You cannot spend tax payer funds on this. It should be investigated.

Jim Riley said...

It was never a hidden scam. Just a moron who convinced others this was a good idea. Not bad people. Just people who need different jobs.