Wednesday, December 14, 2016

White-Owned Business A New Victim In The War On Small-Biz Bakeries

White-Owned Business A New Victim In The War On Small-Biz Bakeries | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform:
"...the operators of a small-business bakery are under siege by vengeful students and administrators trying to crush them under the wheels of the race-baiters’ bandwagon. 
The true victim in this latest tale of political correctness run amok is Gibson’s Bakery—a quaint shop founded in 1885 that still bakes all its goods using original recipes.
...Allyn Gibson attempted to stop the alleged thief, Jonathan Aladin (Right) from leaving the store and tried to take a photo him as he bolted.
Gibson got whacked in the face with his own phone.
Aladin then reportedly ran while throwing the two bottles of wine on the floor, becoming “violent” and “grabbing and hitting Allyn.”
Aladin ran out with two females who were with him in the store. Gibson followed and tried to detain the alleged shoplifter again on the street.
Gibson’s right as a shop employee to detain a suspected thief with probable cause until police arrive is protected under Ohio statute. 
Image result for Jonathan Aladin oberlin collegeAs the females punched and kicked him, police officers who had arrived on scene during the beating wrote:
“Allyn had several abrasions and minor injuries including what appeared to be a swollen lip, abrasions to his arms and wrists and a small cut on his neck.”
Aladin was charged with robbery and inflicting harm and faces a court hearing in the case this week. The two females, Endia Lawrence and Cecelia Whettstone, were charged with assault.
You can guess what happened next.
Aladin, who is black, became the new poster boy of institutional racism and oppression. 
Students organized protests and shrieked about “racial profiling,” claiming that the bakery had a history of discriminating against customers “of color.”
It gets worse.
Leading the charge in the latest War on Small-Biz Bakeries is the Oberlin College dean of students, Meredith Raimondo (Email her) who joined the baying mob in bullying the Gibson family.
She disseminated flyers libelously asserting that Gibson’s is a “racist establishment with a long account of racial profiling and discrimination.”
Convicted in the crazy Oberlin College court of public opinion, the school refused to renew its longstanding daily order of donuts and bagels.
For a small business with razor-thin margins, losing that order could be devastating.
Never mind that the “racism” charge is a brazen lie..."
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