Saturday, December 24, 2016

Why conservatives could be the biggest winners of the Left’s post-election freak-out

Why conservatives could be the biggest winners of the Left’s post-election freak-out
"...Continuing the trend of the Obama years, Democrats were repudiated at every level at the ballot box. 
Most stingingly, the Left lost the presidency to a figure who offended its sensibilities perhaps more than any other, on the basis of style and rhetoric, in Donald Trump.
Predictably, the Left is apoplectic, reacting emotionally rather than rationally over a defeat that stunned it.
Image result for liberal hysteriaWhile going through various stages of grieving, what is perhaps most heartening is the fact that the Left has apparently learned nothing. 
In so doing, it risks severely marginalizing itself.
In short, by continuing to call plays from the same playbook, the Left risks doing to itself what Jimmy Carter did against Ronald Reagan in 1980: Turning itself into the “There you go again” party in its myopia.
Whether or not Americans broadly internalized such realities, they did reject what the Left was selling.
...In so doing, the Left apparently overplayed its hand.
As with casting its political foes as racists for decades, it devalued the labels it ascribed.
It showed its inherent biases and double standards.
It protested too much.
...In its words and actions, the Left has shown that it has learned nothing:

  • Casting Trump as Hitler while engaging in sickening hagiography for Castro; 
  • claiming that the election was lost because of the Russians or fake news stories (rather than as a reaction in part to the false narratives of “real news” sources consisting of sneering progressive elites, or the world the Left has constructed in which there are no truths); and 
  • showing an unwillingness to change direction in terms of policy but rather to push further left underscore its sore loserdom, hysteria, and delusion.

...Let us hope that the Left keeps it up.

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