Sunday, January 08, 2017

Colorado snow country stuff

Waiting for the bus to return us from Copper Mtn back to the Frisco bus lot we chatted with an old geezer in a Copper Mtn. Ambassador outfit.
They're the volunteers who help skiers and others on the mountain.
He made mention that he was once a pilot and Honeybumps bugged me to get more info.
We sat together on the bus so I asked about his life.
Jack was typically modest but admitted he'd retired from the US Army decades ago.
I bugged him for more.
Joined Army in 1950s.
Saw all of Viet Nam.
82nd airborne.
Then a Huey pilot in Nam.
Finished as officer in Office of Inspector General.
85 now.
Quit skiing a couple of years ago after his 2nd bionic part, a new shoulder, but enjoys helping out people at Copper.
Keeps him young, he says.
Wife still an Ambassador and skis like a maniac.
Says they call her the "Silver Tornado".
I imagine they're quite a couple.
It was an honor to sit with this American.
Lots of 'em here.
Lots of 'em all over America.

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