Monday, January 02, 2017

Criminal!!-----Maryland College President Defends Lavish Expense Account

Maryland College President Defends Lavish Expense Account | The Daily Caller:
"Several students and staff of Montgomery College, Maryland’s biggest community college, are outraged over the college president’s high dollar spending on travel, meals and room service, according to a report by a local NBC affiliate.
...Dr. Pollard’s current contract shows that she receives a $281,000 salary with a possible five percent annual bonus. In addition, she has a $3,000 housing allowance each month for her home.
All of her work-related travel plus her wife’s travel costs are covered.
Image result for liberal elitistsNBC reported on her questionable expense of spending $1,792 for a five-day hotel room at the Marriott Wardman in northwest D.C.
The hotel is only about 30 minutes from her house.
Records show that she averages 13 trips per year and has traveled to cities like Napa, California; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Honolulu, Hawaii; Austin, Texas and other cities.
Since 2013, she spent $70,000 in her travel expenses.
She spent more than $6,000 on upgrading plane seats for both herself and her wife.
In addition, they spent $3,700 for extra and overweight baggage. 
During the summer of 2015, she spent more than $3,400 on airfare and upgrades to Honolulu and Austin for conferences.
While in Honolulu, Dr. Pollard spent $2,776 for a hotel room.
While in Austin, she racked up $2,753 for her hotel plus spent $80 for breakfast and bought two dinners on the same night — one for $80 and another for $127..."
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