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Making (Me and) America Sick Again

Articles: Making (Me and) America Sick Again:
"Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic party cohorts are flailing against the likelihood that Obama’s signature screw-up, ObamaCare, will be repealed
As Dilbert creator Scott Adams notes, apparently on the advice of the satire site, the Onion, they have adopted the fighting words “Make America Sick Again”. 
Actually Obama and his party, with the aid of what Instapundit has dubbed “democratic operatives with bylines” continue to make me sick of their lies and distortions of truth.
As for the death of ObamaCare, if past is prologue -- and with these folks it is -- we can expect the press will flood us with sob stories, because in a nation chock full of feelers, emotive accounts are more compelling than economics and logic. Remember when they were working our heartstrings to get it passed?
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter probably deserved a blue ribbon for her tale of a constituent who couldn’t afford dentures and had to use her dead sister’s as an example of why we needed ObamaCare (which incidentally doesn’t include dental coverage).
Sob stories are not the only way Obama’s administration “contorts reality “and masks”  “the consequences of its initiatives” says Victor Davis Hanson in an article well worth reading in its entirety. 
After outlining its many deceits, Hanson says why they do this:
Obama advanced an agenda to the left of that shared by most past presidents. Obamacare, the Benghazi catastrophe, the Iran deal, his strange stance toward radical Islam, and the Bergdahl swap were unpopular measures that required politically-driven recalibrations to escape American scrutiny.
Second, Obama’s team believes that the goals of fairness and egalitarianism more than justify the means of dissimulation by more sophisticated elites. Thus Gruber (“the stupidity of the American voter”) and Rhodes (“They literally know nothing”) employ deception on our behalf. Central to this worldview is that the American people are naive and easily manipulated, and thus need to be brought up to speed by a paternal administration that knows what is best for its vulnerable and clueless citizenry.
Such condescension is also why the administration never believes it has done anything wrong by hiding the facts of these controversies. Its players believe that because they did it all for us, the ensuing distasteful means will be forgotten once we finally progress enough to appreciate their enlightened ends.
This week, two incidents come to mind: the Chicago torture revelations and the claims about the Russians hacking our election. In both cases, once again, the Democratic handmaidens of the press played what helpful role they could.
The Chicago Torture Case...
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