Sunday, January 08, 2017

New York City needs Hillary Clinton to run for mayor

New York City needs Hillary Clinton to run for mayor | New York Post:
"It seems unlikely — but the idea’s been floating around for several days now, and so far she’s not rejecting it. 
For what it’s worth, Secretary Clinton, we’d love to see you run for mayor.
New York City needs you.
Yes, we were highly critical of Hillary Clinton in the runup to Election Day.
But that was the race for the White House, where she offered a program far to the left of the nation’s center.
Not so in New York, where she’d be dead-center in the city’s Democratic majority.
Image result for Unflattering Photos of Hillary ClintonProgressive, but not obsessed with proving it — nor with trying to use the mayoralty to become a national leader.
Passionate for social justice, but not an ideologue who’ll stick by homeless or affordable-housing policies that are clearly failing.
Above all else, she’d actually focus on doing the job.
Clinton is a famously diligent worker — one who shows up on time and puts in the hours.
And New York needs a mayor who’ll run herd on city government.
...What’s in it for her? 
Well, her presidential run shows her appetite for continued public service.
And while Gracie Mansion isn’t the White House, it’s no consolation prize:
New York’s mayor is famously “the second-toughest job in America” — and you traditionally have your own foreign policy, too.
While it’s not the glass ceiling she hoped to break,
New York has never had a woman mayor.
Isn’t it past time for that to change?"

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