Sunday, January 08, 2017

So Are We Bigots If This Makes Us Vomit?

So Are We Bigots If This Makes Us Vomit?:
"So recently Cosmo posted this little nugget:
“It’s a rare condition called genetic sexual attraction.” 
Uh…let’s call it what it is, shall we? 
I read the whole story and essentially some woman gave her son up for adoption, they were then reunited. 
Now they’re in love and they don’t care who knows! 
Other than maybe the law, but whatever.
So of course the lashback on Twitter is strong. 
It’s what you hope it would be, really. 
People are absolutely condemning Cosmo for publishing a story that treats incest as just some run-of-the-mill thing. 
Even their little “genetic sexual attraction” (or GSA for short) aims at taking the icky out of incest.
@Cosmopolitan We have reached the point where the slippery slope has become a vertical 300 foot cliff.
@Cosmopolitan This us the inevitable result of 16yrs of democrat "leadership" and their war on morals.
@Cosmopolitan Don't listen to the haters. Thanks for retweeting this article from last year. GSA is real & consenting adults should be free.
Oh my…here we go. “GSA” is real! 
Consenting adults should be free!”...
It’s the new cool term on the block! 
I can’t wait for people to start accusing conservatives of being “incestophobic...”

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