Thursday, January 12, 2017

Summit Daily letters: Colorado ski laws favor reckless snow-thugs

Summit Daily letters: Colorado ski laws favor reckless snow-thugs |
"Colorado and ski company laws/rules may actually encourage some to assume they are “bullet-proof” from resort rules and to actually encourage colliders to run away when they hit someone on the slopes.
Image result for snowboard collisionTwo years ago, at Breckenridge, a twenty-something boarder and his friend were racing down the slope next to a copse of trees that ended at the wide catwalk folks use to get from one run to another.
Moving fast and not able to see beyond the trees, one nailed a 50ish skier in our group — big time!
The boarder also crashed and landed near me, got up, looked uphill, turned and appeared to be getting ready to take off.
I skied over, put my arm around his shoulder and told him he wasn’t going anywhere until we saw to the man he hit.
Almost immediately, two ski patrollers arrived and checked to see if the downed victim was seriously injured.
He didn’t seem to need
They then skied down to the two boarders and me.
The boarders told the ski patrollers I had restrained the guilty boarder, which I had.
Then things got real frosty.
They asked if the boarder wanted to press charges..."

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