Thursday, January 05, 2017

Thank You, Gary Johnson, for Being the Best Thing in 2016!

Thank You, Gary Johnson, for Being the Best Thing in 2016! - Hit & Run :
"Before we completely flush 2016 down the memory hole, let us pause to remember Gary Johnson...
In the end, of course, there was a lot of disappointment.
He didn't crack 15 percent in polls to route around the bullshit criteria created by the two major parties to keep people like him off the stage... the end, Johnson pulled almost 4.5 million votes (3.3 percent of the total), compared to 1.3 million votes (1 percent) four years ago.
I choose instead to focus on what I think were two major themes that Johnson introduced into national politics that will have a very long shelf-life...

  • First, he was the first politician in forever who had the temerity to say what we all know to be true: That most Americans are socially liberal (or tolerant) and fiscally conservative (i.e. responsible)...
  • Second, and more controversially, I think, Gary Johnson incarnates what we will come to expect from politicians and presidents. Hillary Clinton was imperious and hyper-credentialed to a fault, Donald Trump was simply a bullying blowhard, and Jill Stein an unconvincing bullshit artist (she's still at it, actually, improbably attributing the New Year's Eve attack in Istanbul to climate change). Johnson presented himself as experienced and competent—he had a great run as a two-term governor of New Mexico and had built two successful businesses—but also relentlessly human. He didn't pretend to know everything (including some things he absolutely should have had down cold) or to be all things to all people..."

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