Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Genius of Donald Trump?

The Genius of Donald Trump? | Power Line:
"I don’t think we’ll ever quite get to the core of Donald Trump, but he sure is fun to watch. 
Has anything ever felt better than watching him thump on CNN yesterday in the most sublime moment of his press conference? 
After, take note, praising the New York Times for avoiding the scurrilous and surely fake “Company Intelligence Report”? 
Divide and conquer! 
I am sure the NY Times editorial page got heartburn over Trump’s praise and will now work overtime, but having already gone to eleven on the “Trump the Nazi” scale, how can you turn it up any higher?
Meanwhile, the appropriately named CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who behaved so boorishly at the press conference, is already suing for peace:
De-escalate, you say? 
Heh. I say Trump should grind Acosta with his heel. 
I think, incidentally, that Trump really enjoys these press conferences.
I’ll bet thumping the press and his enemies is a ton of fun for him, and we may well get lots of press conferences from him, but only at intervals that make sure they don’t become routine. 
The man knows show business..."

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