Monday, January 09, 2017

When will ‘The Pause’ in global temperature return?

When will ‘The Pause’ in global temperature return? | Watts Up With That?
"Another year, another failure of global warming to occur at even half the rate originally predicted by IPCC in 1990.
CO2 emissions have increased at a rate somewhat above the high-end prediction made in IPCC’s First Assessment Report
In 2013 our sins of emission totaled 10.8 billion tonnes of carbon; in 2014 the official estimate, in the annual paper published by le Quéré et al., was 10.9 billion tonnes:
It is debatable whether the true rate of emissions growth is anything like as small as 0.1 billion tonnes of carbon per year, given that China and now India are bringing coal-fired power stations onstream at a record rate. 
But the official storyline is that emissions growth has all but stopped. 
Nevertheless, emissions remain a very long way above any of IPCC’s CO2-stabilization scenarios.
...Yet the rate of global warming since 1990 – the most important of the “broad-scale features of climate change” that the models were supposed to predict – is now below half what the IPCC had then predicted..."
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