Saturday, January 07, 2017

Why Rural America Voted for Trump

Why Rural America Voted for Trump - The New York Times:
"Knoxville, Iowa — One recent morning, I sat near two young men at a coffee shop here whom I’ve known since they were little boys.
Now about 18, they pushed away from the table, and one said: “Let’s go to work. Let the liberals sleep in.” 
The other nodded.
They’re hard workers.
As a kid, one washed dishes, took orders and swept the floor at a restaurant.
Every summer, the other picked sweet corn by hand at dawn for a farm stand and for grocery stores, and then went to work all day on his parents’ farm.
Now one is a welder, and the other is in his first year at a state university on an academic scholarship. They are conservative, believe in hard work, family, the military and cops, and they know that abortion and socialism are evil, that Jesus Christ is our savior, and that Donald J. Trump will be good for America.
They are part of a growing movement in rural America that immerses many young people in a culture — not just conservative news outlets but also home and church environments — that emphasizes contemporary conservative values.
It views liberals as loathsome, misinformed and weak, even dangerous.
Who are these rural, red-county people who brought Mr. Trump into power...?"
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