Wednesday, February 15, 2017

(1) Clarice Feldman - soylent red: I'm reminded of a term:...

(1) Clarice Feldman - soylent red: I'm reminded of a term:...:

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"soylent red: I'm reminded of a term: intelligence gain/loss (IGL). 
IGL is an assessment of the relative merits of:
a. using intelligence to attack or defend against the enemy, thereby letting the enemy know you have collected on him, or
b. absorbing short term loss to protect the fact that you are collecting on an enemy, thus preserving your source of collection.
The leaks that brought down Flynn will prove to be a relative IGL failure for the Left. 
Flynn was the easiest of targets to discredit (IMO the weakest link in Trump's WH).
And yet the Left chose to expose the corrupt Deep State to bring him down. 
It's like a country using its only nuke to destroy a platoon of cooks.
That kind of strategic stupidity can only be perpetrated by a group of assholes who have no idea how much danger they are in of extinction. 
The Deep State is populated by just that kind of asshole.
Press on with the agenda. 
Discover and prosecute the assholes responsible this time. 
Install a cadre of deputy secretaries and IGs who will install and enforce policies that will expose and destroy the rest.
Posted by: Soylent Red"

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