Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Normal People Want

What Normal People Want - Katie Kieffer:
"Less than 1% of American adults identify as transgender and most Americans support President Trump’s recent immigration order—but you would think (from how much we publicly discuss refugees and sexual identity) that most Americans are LGBT open border activists.
Image result for respecting the flagMost Americans are very ordinary (a.k.a. sane) people who couldn’t care less whether Bruce Jenner adopted the name “Caitlyn” and identifies as transgender.
The average American is also a generous and welcoming person who supports our country’s “melting pot” heritage.
(There’s a reason why Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl “Born The Hard Way” commercial about its German founder’s immigration to the U.S. was a huge hit.)
But, let’s face it.
You and I are tiring of incessant chatter about how America “discriminates” against Muslims; women; children and homosexuals. 
Because we know these allegations are untrue.
It’s as though those making the allegations never heard of the Middle East. 
Where wanton death and torture often haunts women, children and homosexuals..."
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