Monday, February 13, 2017

Yes, CNN IS Fake News

Yes, CNN IS Fake News | Klavan On The Culture:
"This week's World's Smallest Violin Award goes to Fake News Network CNN — specifically to be shared between Fake Newsman Jake Tapper and Fake Newsman Chris Cuomo, both of whom took whiny umbrage at being called Fake News while purveying Fake News.
Cuomo, who really needs to eat more brain food, even possibly more brains, said that being called Fake News while purveying Fake News is like being called the N-word. 
Image result for liberal media fake news...The problem is this: CNN — like the New York Times, like the network news departments at NBC and ABC and CBS — is virtually the definition of Fake News, a phrase made up by the left to attack Trump but which blew up in their faces like a trick cigar when it turned out everyone knows what liars they've been for the past sixteen years at least.
This is not even a question of the almost ceaseless series of mistakes, distortions and obfuscations that our leftist news media, in their hysterical rage against political reality, have committed since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.
These errors and lies — which include cover-ups of Islamic extremism, lies about right-wing websites, and suspiciously incendiary "mistakes" about the White House — are being ably catalogued by the mighty and terrible John Nolte over at the Daily Wire.
No, this is a matter of the laughably slanted Fake News emphasis since at least the George W. Bush administration and through Obama's.
This Fake News emphasis made major scandals out of Bush's kerfuffles like the Valerie Plame affair; blamed him for what was never his fault, like intelligence failures in Iraq, gas prices, and the fact that a century of Democrat corruption in New Orleans turned a hurricane into a full-fledged disaster; and skewed stories to play down conservative truths like the danger of Islam, the unfairness of illegal immigration and the tragic results of decades of leftist attacks on white males..."

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