Friday, March 17, 2017

Feminist Gives Tips For Raising A 'Fat-Positive' Kid. They're INSANE. | Daily Wire

Feminist Gives Tips For Raising A 'Fat-Positive' Kid. They're INSANE. | Daily Wire
"In a post featured on the feminist website you can't believe is not satire, Everyday Feminism, a fat and proud mother explains how she plans on raising her months-old daughter to be "fat-positive." 
Feminist blogger Marie Southard Ospina outlines an insane list of "small things" that she intends to impose on her daughter to reach peak "fat-positive" living. While most of the tips embody typical feminism, merely laughable and essentially useless, other tips are examples of downright bad parenting. 
Ospina is seemingly attempting to condition her child into poor health in the name of "body diversity." 
The feminist's most unsettling tip is to never frame food or food choices as "good" or "bad":
There's a super uncomfortable thing many people are known to do when discussing body types, or food: many often bring in morality-fueled words like "good" and "bad" into the picture. For example, a thin body is a "good body," while a fat one is a "bad body." Eating a cupcake means someone has been "bad that day," while eating a kale salad means they have been "very good."
The feminist adds that "food will never be framed with terms that imply morality, much like body types won't be, either."
...When it's politically incorrect to tell your child that eating cookies for dinner is "bad" for the sake of "body diversity," we've officially jumped the shark..."

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