Monday, March 27, 2017

Liberals-What they ALWAYS do when THEY have the power-----Court strikes down Guam’s racist voting scheme | Power Line

Court strikes down Guam’s racist voting scheme | Power Line:
"Six years ago, retired Air Force officer Arnold Davis, a resident of Guam, tried to register to vote on a plebiscite regarding Guam’s future.
His application was rejected and marked as “void” by the Guam Election Commission.
Image result for obama guam election voteBecause Guam banned residents from registering or voting unless they are Chamorro “natives,” which to the territorial government means people whose ancestors were original inhabitants of Guam. Chamorros constitute only about 36 percent of the island’s present population.
Davis, a white man, is not Chamorro.
Therefore, he was deemed ineligible to vote.
Denying Davis the right to vote because of his race and national origin is an obvious violation of the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.
Yet, as Hans von Spakovsky notes, the Obama administration did not lift a finger on behalf of Davis.
It neither filed suit against Guam nor intervened in support of the lawsuit filed on Davis’ behalf by our friend Christian Adams and the Center for Individual Rights.
Instead, the Obama administration gave Guam $300,000 to help finance the plebiscite..."
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