Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Sling Shot

By Tammy Derouin

Being politically correct is not my style. In fact, I held firm on referring to those who entered the United States illegally as illegal aliens. Mainstream media decided they needed to soften the offense by calling them illegal immigrants. I was happily surprised and a bit amused that “alien” crept back into the description after Trump took office.

 The United States is the beacon of hope for people all around the world. The desire to live free is what draws people here. Freedom is the ultimate goal. Living in a country which recognizes your God-given rights is a blessing and one that should not be taken for granted.

We protect our homes from those who seek to enter illegally. We wouldn't allow anyone to enter our home if they were openly threatening to destroy it. There are reasons we build fences, install locks, security systems and cling to our God-given right to protect ourselves. Why should it be any different for our homeland?

Do you know anyone who would intentionally leave their family, home and belongings vulnerable to a home invasion? Do you know anyone that would open their door, shrugging off death threats and or acts of violence against them and their family? It would be beyond irresponsible. Family members would question their sanity. Would you really betray your family to avoid being called a name?

The old playground bullying tactics have been commandeered by Left-wing radicals. As kids, name calling was an occasional fact of life. Eventually, you learned it was only a word. Those who knew you, knew the truth. If you feed a bully, he returns and demands more. The more you cower and give in, the happier you make him. You are empowering your very own enemy; one that will attack every chance he gets. The worse thing you can do to a bully is stand up to him.

There are several ways to defeat a bully. Eventually, you find what works best for you. When you've reached your fill, your weapon, either in attitude, words or my personal favorite, humor, comes out shaped like a little sling shot.......

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