Friday, March 31, 2017

Must read!-With confirming links!-----The Democrats’ Filthy Flint Water | Frontpage Mag

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit, meme and textThe Democrats’ Filthy Flint Water | Frontpage Mag:
"Mayor Dayne Walling, a Democrat, led a cheerful countdown []at the Flint water treatment plant to press the button moving the city over to river water. 
Walling and Darnell Earley, the Democratic emergency manager, even raised glasses in a toast and drank the water [] to show that it was safe.
“It’s a historic moment for the city of Flint to return to its roots and use our own river as our drinking water supply,” Walling said. “The water quality speaks for itself.”
Flint’s city council had voted in favor of the move 7-1. 
Despite claims about the power of the emergency manager, the switch could not have gone forward without that vote. []
Even once the problem had surfaced, the EPA knew [] and kept quiet. 
It was only once the crisis broke, that the Democratic establishment attempted to redirect the blame at Michigan’s efforts to fix broken Democratic cities like Flint using emergency managers. 
The war against the emergency managers is not about clean water; it’s about protecting the dirty Democratic politics that destroyed these cities.
Flint’s dirty water had its origins in dirty politics. 
The Democratic Party had badly mismanaged the city.
Flint was trying to cut costs, but not in the right place. 
Water rates were already murderously high, because around 40 percent of the city’s water was leaking out or being stolen. 
Water theft is routine in failed Democratic cities like Flint. 
And the thefts often come from the inside.
Warren Southall II, a Flint city employee, illegally turned on water in exchange for bribes. 
Last year he was fined, but would not serve any jail time. 
Illegal water hookups are everywhere. [] ..."
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