Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nike’s Problematic Relationship with the Hijab - Acculturated

Nike’s Problematic Relationship with the Hijab - Acculturated:
"Major sportswear manufacturer, Nike, recently revealed an athletic headscarf for Muslim women. The product is termed the “Pro hijab” and is made of lightweight cloth with tiny holes that help the athletes’ skin breathe while keeping the skin covered.
In producing such a product, Nike is the first large-scale sportswear company to venture into the Muslim modesty market.
In many ways, Nike’s move is worthy of celebration.
In a world increasingly fraught with inter-communal tension and a fear of Muslims, a major brand embracing the hijab as a source of empowerment and paving the way for Muslim women’s integration is laudable. 
...But Nike’s move, while praiseworthy, also raises concerns.
...while leaving young Muslim entrepreneurs in the dust, so, too, is Nike purporting to innovate something that’s already been done.
As one commentator wrote on Facebook, “People keep asking me about my reactions to the Nike hijab . . . sorry folks, the capitalist appropriation of a spiritual practice doesn’t impress me...”

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