Friday, March 24, 2017

Pre-school suspends four-year-old terrorist « Hot Air

Pre-school suspends four-year-old terrorist « Hot Air:
"...Here’s the latest chapter in scary school silliness.
In deep southern Illinois this week, Kristy Jackson went to pick up her four-year-old son Hunter from pre-school. She was greeted by an extremely unhappy teacher who said the little boy had brought to school a dangerous “shotgun bullet.”
Never mind there’s no such thing. Jackson was shocked, but also puzzled because her son had just spent a bonding afternoon learning the beginnings of gun safety from his grandfather, a police officer.
The stern teacher led Hunter’s Mom to the principal’s office.
There, she was handed the evidence that had condemned her son, a tiny empty .22 shell casing.
According to Jackson’s reasoned account on Facebook, she was also silently handed a piece of paper.
It explained that Hunter’s behavior warranted a sentence of a seven-day suspension from school. 
“I still was expected to pay tuition, of course. And a threat that if his enthusiasm for guns continued, he’d be permanently expelled.”...
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