Saturday, March 25, 2017

'Snowflake Test' for Job Applicants Weeds Out the Unproductive | LifeZette

'Snowflake Test' for Job Applicants Weeds Out the Unproductive | LifeZette:
"One CEO has been pretty blunt about the people he is not looking to hire.
That’s right:
No snowflakes need apply.
And to make sure he doesn’t hire one by mistake, he’s developed The Snowflake Test for applicants.
Kyle S. Reyes, who heads up Silent Partner Marketing in Manchester, Connecticut, wrote an article for the NewBostonPost this month, explaining the reasons for his test...
...His solution? 
The Snowflake Test.
I implemented something that is going to give HR managers and the PC Police night sweats," he wrote.
"I lovingly refer to it as The Snowflake Test. Anyone who may be a viable candidate for our agency has to take the test before they get an at-bat at an interview."
Some of the questions on The Snowflake Test include:
• What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?
• Should "trigger warnings" be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered "controversial"?
• How do you feel about police?..."
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