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These NCAA Tournament Schools Are Anti-Free Speech Dumps | The Daily Caller

These NCAA Tournament Schools Are Anti-Free Speech Dumps | The Daily Caller:
"America’s college and university campuses are brimming with vast multitudes of bureaucrats and strong contingents of students who want to limit speech they find offensive.
Alliance Defending Freedom, a civil rights organization which sues college and universities for violating students’ First Amendment rights, has meticulously put together a Bracket of Shame to showcase the absurd and frequently egregious censorship currently occurring on America’s college campuses.
courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom
courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom
The rules are simple: Only March Madness teams are eligible. America is oozing with colleges and universities which infringe heinously on student speech rights. However, their basketball teams are also terrible, so they don’t make the cut here.

West Regional
In the West region, Gonzaga University certainly stands out for hiring Melissa Click, the disgraced University of Missouri professor last seen calling for “muscle” to remove a student journalist who was trying to film an anti-free speech event.
There’s also Virginia Commonwealth University, which authorizes dorm staffers to remove students’ speech expressions on their own doors if the speech doesn’t reflect the taxpayer-funded school’s values. And there’s taxpayer-funded West Virginia University, which, according Alliance Defending Freedom, maintains a bizarre policy allowing complaints against students for “abuses of social justice principles.”
Vanderbilt University wins the West region, though, because it has violated federal law by trying to require nursing school students to submit to abortion training, and because of its strangely hostile stance toward Christian groups.
Midwest Regional
In the Midwest region, several schools stand out for their embarrassing lack of commitment to First Amendment rights.
Michigan State University became a national laughingstock just last month when school officials outlawed whiteboards from doors in dorm buildings because it’s possible that someone could scrawl some offensive message or image on them. Also, until just months ago, the taxpayer-funded school maintained a women’s study lounge in its main student union in which male students could not trespass..."
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