Friday, March 17, 2017

Why most on Obamacare like it... it's free!-----Obamacare subsidies to jump $10 billion in 2017 - CBS News

Obamacare subsidies to jump $10 billion in 2017 - CBS News:
Image result for obamacare fail"WASHINGTON - Taxpayers will fork over nearly $10 billion more next year to cover double-digit premium hikes for subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to a study being released Thursday.
...The study estimates that the cost of premium subsidies under the ACA will increase by $9.8 billion next year, rising from $32.8 billion currently to $42.6 billion.
The average monthly subsidy will increase by $76, or 26 percent, from $291 currently to $367 in 2017.
Currently more than eight in 10 consumers buying private health insurance through and state markets receive tax credits from the government to help pay their premiums.
Those subsidies are designed to rise along with premiums, shielding consumers from sudden increases.
But the bill ultimately gets passed on to taxpayers...
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