Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Amazing!-----Interactive map: What political bubble do you live in? | Bridge Magazine

Interactive map: What political bubble do you live in? | Bridge Magazine:
"...In the first statewide map of precinct level results since the 2016 presidential election, Bridge allows readers to see how their neighborhood or community swung.
Islands of blue in deep sea of Trump red
Across Michigan, narrowly won by President Trump in a stunning reversal of expectations, pockets of Democrats backed Hillary Clinton. This map allows you to see if you agree with your neighbors; it's a first-of-its kind precinct-level map of the 2016 general election.
You'll see Traverse City supported Clinton -- but overall, Grand Traverse County did not. And how precincts across the Upper Peninsula and in urban areas backed Clinton.
And also how Trump rolled up huge margins in the rural Thumb and in western Michigan. 
To see how your precinct voted, type in your address, including your community, along with "MI" and ZIP code in the search box in the upper right.
Once the map zeroes in on your neighborhood, click on the map to see how that area voted..."

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