Tuesday, April 18, 2017

America's "brown shirts"-----Berkeley Riot: Leftist Mob Violence Undermines Rule of Law | National Review

Berkeley Riot: Leftist Mob Violence Undermines Rule of Law | National Review
"The leftist mob has sown the wind. 
Image result for "The leftist mob has sown the wind.Now, the whirlwind looms. 
If the media accurately and comprehensively reported on leftist mob violence, it would see that a pattern has emerged: 
On campus and in the streets, a violent or menacing core 

  • seizes the ground it wants, 
  • blocks access to buildings, and 
  • shuts down the speech or events it seeks to suppress. 

This violent core is often surrounded and protected by a larger group of ostensibly “peaceful” protesters who sometimes cheer aggression wildly and then provide cover for the rioters, who melt back into the crowd. 
After the riot, the polite progressives condemn the violence, urge that it not distract from the alleged rightness of the underlying cause, and then do virtually nothing to enforce the law and punish the offenders. 
We’ve seen this play out time and again as mobs shut down campus speech, occupy campus buildings, and even assault innocent people — all without facing any real fear of arrest or meaningful punishment. 
...Every single time the progressive establishment ignores, minimizes, or whitewashes leftist violence, it sows the wind. 
Americans have watched mobs attack police and burn buildings in Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte, and Minneapolis. 
They have watched mobs riot over politics and free speech in Middlebury, Berkeley, Portland, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 
Is anyone at all shocked that when the police hang back, others will step into the void? 
Leftists are fond of saying “violence begets violence.” 
If we don’t restore the rule of law, we’ll all find out just how right they are."

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