Monday, April 10, 2017

Articles: Why Do Leftists Hate America?

Articles: Why Do Leftists Hate America?:
"A few days ago, I caught Trump's speech to the Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference.  
In a nutshell, Trump vowed to fix the job-killing, out-of-control, crazy regulations harming businesses.  
Trump said, "One of my first acts as president was to stop one of the great sellouts of the American worker."  
Calling NAFTA a disaster, Trump said he took us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  
The audience erupted with applause
It dawned on me: this guy is simply implementing commonsense policies in the best interest of America and her citizens who elected him.  
So why is the American left responding with such unprecedented vitriol and bold, treasonous obstructionism?  
The simple answer is that leftists hate America and her biblical values.  
Therefore, when Trump came along vowing to make America great again, he ignited the leftists' hate, fear, and rage.  Why such hate for one's own homeland?
Before you call me crazy, let us review.
Image result for Leftists burn American flagDuring a leisurely Sunday stroll along a San Francisco pier with her dad, Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien who had been deported five times but kept coming back to the sanctuary city.  
Kate's last words were "Help me, Dad." 
Compassionately, Bill O'Reilly asked Congress to pass Kate's Law, which imposed a mandatory five-year federal prison sentence on deported illegals who keep coming back. 
The American left, the city of San Francisco, Democrats, and fake news media said screw you to the Steinle family, and screw you, American people.  
Senate Democrats blocked Kate's Law.  
Why would the left so vehemently oppose this commonsense protection of American lives?
Even now, when Trump has vowed to cut funding to cities who refuse to comply with federal law, sanctuary city mayors are giving Trump and the American people the middle finger.  
The Fort Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, the San Bernardino shooting, and the Orlando nightclub massacre, to name a few, were Islamic terrorist attacks on innocent Americans.  And yet in every instance, the Obama administration, with high praise from leftists, rushed to protect and defend Islam..."
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