Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog: Since when did people start going to college to get stupid?

Blog: Since when did people start going to college to get stupid?:
"...Real life these days is stranger than fiction.
Even Orwell could not have imagined how far we have surpassed all he imagined in 1984 – especially on college campuses.
Higher education in America has been utterly destroyed by the left since the tenured radicals of the 1960s took control of it.
Now our campuses are virtually totalitarian in nature.  
Stanford just admitted an applicant who is not black but who wrote "Black Lives Matter" a hundred times on his application.  
Forget all the serious students who took the application question – "What matters to you and why?" – seriously.  
Image result for going to college to get stupidThey are toast, cast upon the funeral pyre of diversity and freedom of thought in favor of the anti-merit (racist), pro-ethnic diversity but anti-diversity of thought mindset of college admissions officials.
Wellesley has demeaned itself by printing a fascist screed by a student who writes poorly and has not a clue about what our Constitution says or means.  
She is opposed to freedom of speech.
...The bottom line? 
There is a cancer spreading on our university campuses.  
Anyone who has had sons or daughters in college over the past eight years knows how catastrophically universities have lurched to the radical left.
Do not let your kids go to college unless it is Hillsdale or a reasonable facsimile thereof.  
Keep them home; give them great books to read; let them work at any job that comes their way and watch Prager University videos.  
They will be more informed, better citizens, better people, and better parents for skipping college at this moment in time.
Perhaps, if Carl Weathers can ask the question "since when did people start going to college to get stupid?" on a prime-time television program, the leftist grip on higher education and all things cultural will soon begin to loosen."

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