Saturday, April 15, 2017

Excerpt:Tom Clancy's "Executive Orders".

Amazing how today's context and a forgetful memeory can bring out a totally new read.
This is from Tom Clancy's "Executive Orders".
The 2nd of a 2 part Jack Ryan series.
The two were published 1994-1996 during the Clinton administration and BEFORE 9/11.
Interesting how the party out of power and the media are portrayed in the 1990s.
Amidst today's N Korea fears.
 President Ryan in blue, on phone with foreign leader:
“…And now you threaten me?
Mr. President, I understand the stress which has come to you of late, but, please, you may not treat sovereign countries in this way.”
“Prime Minister, then I will speak very clearly.
An overt act of war has been committed against the United States of America.
Any interference with, or attack on, any part of our military will be deemed a further act of war, and whatever country commits such an act will face the most serious possible consequences.”
“But who has done this to you?”
“Prime Minister, that is not your concern unless you wish it to be.
Executive Orders (A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 8) by [Clancy, Tom]I think in the interests of both your country and mine, it would be well if your navy returned to port forthwith.”
“And you blame us, you order us?”
“I began with a request, Prime Minister.
You saw fit to evade my request three times.
I regard that as an unfriendly act.
And so I have a new question: Is it your desire to be at war with the United States of America?”
“Mr. President—”
“Because if those ships don’t move, Prime Minister, you will be.”
The pencil snapped in Ryan’s hand.
“I think you may have associated yourself with the wrong friends, Prime Minister.
I hope I am incorrect, but if my impression is correct, then your country could well pay dearly for that misjudgment.
We have experienced a direct attack on our citizens.
It is a particularly cruel and barbaric attack, utilizing weapons of mass destruction.”
He enunciated these words very clearly.
“This is not yet known to our citizens.
That will soon change,” he told her.
“When it does, Prime Minister, those guilty of launching that attack will face our justice.
We will not send notes of protest.
We will not call a special meeting of the UN Security Council in New York.
We will make war, Prime Minister.
We will make war with all the power and rage this country and her citizens can muster.
Do you now understand what I am saying?
Ordinary men, women, and now even children have been murdered within our borders by a foreign power.
There has even been an attack upon my own child, Prime Minister.
Does your country wish to be associated with those acts?
If so, Prime Minister, if you wish to be part of that, then the war commences now.”
End of chapter.

Clancy, Tom. Executive Orders (A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 8) (pp. 1177-1178). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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