Thursday, April 06, 2017

Health Care: Basic Facts and Hard Truths | National Review

Image result for free health care cartoonHealth Care: Basic Facts and Hard Truths | National Review:
"...But whoever eventually comes up with a replacement for the Affordable Care Act should keep a few hard truths in mind. 
1. Health care is neither a right nor a privilege; it’s a commodity. 
Worse, it’s a finite commodity. 
There are only so many doctors, so many hospitals, and so much money, and there are limits to how much these things can be expanded. 
That’s why no health-care system, outside Bernie Sanders’s fantasies, provides unlimited care to everyone. 
Every health-care system in the world rations care in some way, either through 
  • bureaucratic fiat (Scandinavia, the U.K.), 
  • waiting lists (Canada), or 
  • price (that’s us). 

One can argue about which of these rationing mechanisms is fairest or most efficient, but let’s not pretend that it won’t occur. 
2. Coverage is not access..."
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