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History for April 6

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History for April 6 -
Rose Schneiderman 1882 - U.S. women’s rights activist, Walter Huston (Houghston) 1884 - Actor (Treasure of the Sierra Madre [1948]), Lowell Thomas 1892 - Broadcaster, journalist
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Billy Dee (December) Williams 1937 - Actor ("Brian's Song", "The Return of the Jedi", "Batman"), John Ratzenberger 1947 - Actor ("Cheers"), Vince Flynn 1966 - Author

1830 - Joseph Smith and five others organized the Mormon Church in western New York.

1830 - Relations between the Texans and Mexico reached a new low when Mexico would not allow further emigration into Texas by settlers from the U.S.
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1862 - The American Civil War Battle of Shiloh began in Tennessee.

1896 - The first modern Olympic Games began in Athens, Greece.

1916 - Charlie Chaplin became the highest-paid film star in the world when he signed a contract with Mutual Film Corporation for $675,000 a year. He was 26 years old.

1917 - The U.S. Congress approved a declaration of war on Germany and entered World War I on the Allied side.

1965 - U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized the use of ground troops in combat operations in Vietnam.

1987 - Sugar Ray Leonard took the middleweight title from Marvin Hagler.

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