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History for April 7

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History for April 7 -
W.K. Kellogg 1860 - Industrialist in food manufacturing, most known for founding of the Kellogg Company, Walter Winchell 1897 - Vaudeville performer, journalist, radio commentator, Billie Holiday 1915 - Jazz singer

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James Garner (James Scott Bumgarner) 1928 - Actor ("Rockford Files", "Maverick"), Wayne Rogers 1933 - Actor ("M*A*S*H"), David Frost 1939 - TV host ("That Was the Week that Was")
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1864 - The first camel race in America was held in Sacramento, California.

1922 - U.S. Secretary of Interior leased Teapot Dome naval oil reserves in Wyoming.

1933 - Prohibition ended in the United States.

1940 - Booker T. Washington became the first black to be pictured on a U.S. postage stamp.

1945 - The Japanese battleship Yamato, the world’s largest battleship, was sunk during the battle for Okinawa. The fleet was headed for a suicide mission.

1948 - The musical "South Pacific" by Rogers and Hammerstein debuted on Broadway.

1953 - IBM unveiled the IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machine. It was IBM's first commercially available scientific computer.

1980 - The U.S. broke diplomatic relations with Iran and imposed economic sanctions in response to the taking of hostages on November 4, 1979.

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