Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Structure a Deal With North Korea | Scott Adams' Blog

How to Structure a Deal With North Korea | Scott Adams' Blog:
"One of the most useful things I learned in business school was that you can usually make a deal whenever the parties involved don’t want full control of the same limited resources. 
That’s why a peace deal in Israel is impossible – because both sides want the same land. But that’s a rare situation (fortunately).
The more normal situation is the one we see with North Korea and the United States.
The United States doesn’t want the same limited resource that North Korea wants.
Image result for deal with north koreaAnd China has their own interests.
That kind of situation almost always means you can reach a deal if you look hard enough.
At the moment, we have about 75% of what we need for a nuclear deal with North Korea. 
Both the United States and China are putting unprecedented economic and military pressure on North Korea, and that means North Korea will start to get flexible.
But without the remaining 25% of what is needed for a deal, no breakthrough is possible.
North Korea is unlikely to agree to anything that makes it seem as if it caved to pressure from the United States.
You have to solve for that to get a deal.
That is the missing 25%.
So let me tell you how to do that..."
This could happen.
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